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Andrey Novitchenko
View Bio Andrey Novitchenko: Originally from Eastern Europe, Andrey came to the United States in 1993 where he advanced his education and obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer science as well as a bachelor of arts in business management. After becoming a certified diver in 2001 he developed a strong proclivity for the sport, which would later define his career. Following a combined six years of firefighting in both Mendocino and Riverside County, Andrey’s affinity for diving prompted his return to a maritime vocation. After amassing a comprehensive set of skills including emergency responder and rescue diver certifications, Andrey now uses his credentials to tackle any impediment the sea or BlueTech Marine LLC. throws his way.

Gary Record
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Dan Sparagna
View Bio Electronic installer for over 10 years, Simrad certified and passionate about boating all his life

Steve Scheider
View Bio Steve has been in the marine business for the past 5 years with 10 years total experience solving mechanical and HVAC needs logging thousands of hours working with yachts and all of their needs. He has Associates Degree majoring in HVAC and mechanics.

Avi Moyal
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Jeff Hughes
View Bio 2680 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

Mike Miller
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San Diego

Steve Labarre
View Bio In the marine industry for over 10 years, Electrical engineer from training. Simrad certified, has experience in satellite communication, System monitoring and advance electronic training. Steve saying is "when you build robots for fun the rest doesn't seem that bad"

Zachary Zisser
View Bio Zachary has a mechanical engineering degree. He is commercially certified to install any and all navigational equipment with additional certification with Simrad . Zachary has been in the industry for just over a year but has been around and working with yachts his whole life. Zachary services all electronic needs for yachts and small vessels with safety and reliability above all things.

Ron Maggi
View Bio After 19 years as the top salesman of marine electronic, Pirate Ron Decided to join the installation and training team. Ron as been trained in all the electronic sold and is certified technician for all brand of electronic

Chad hanson
View Bio Chad has been in boating for 35 years. Chad is a commercial crab fishermen boat wizard with 12 years under his belt at Driscoll Boat Works . Chad has owned his own company for 5 years doing all types of plumbing needs on all size vessels. He is vacuflush specialist along with all marine sanitation, plumbing and electrical issues. He is clean, fast and honest on all installations.

Thad Gideon
View Bio Thad Monday all marina south of coronado bridge

Thad S Gideon
View Bio Thad Monday all marina North of coronado bridge

Thad U Gideon
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Kent Gideon
View Bio Kent tuesday thurday Friday south bay

David Olsen
View Bio David has been detailing boats for 10 years year's and completed thousands of services. Starting at the bottom and working his way up, David has enough experience to walk up to any boat and make it shine like it is supposed to. Obsessed with studying all of the latest techniques, products and tools your boat will be looking great when David is finished your servce.

test test
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Lisa Lynch
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Chula vista

Dan Sullivan
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Lisa Lynch
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Coleman Marine Diesel
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Mike Winkowski
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David Pope
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